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The Return Of Pop Songcraft.  

Once, The Song Ruled Pop Music – that moment of musical alchemy when the base elements of melody and lyricism, choral hook and compositional structure melded together to produce a pure gold nugget
– a thing of beauty, and a joy forever.


Taylorville is essentially the nom de guerre of Scottish based songwriter, singer and musician Colin Taylor.

Having landed relatively late on the scene, he is keen to make up for lost time.

Taylor operates from his own Cooler Studios, outside Glasgow and together with a posse of Scottish musicians, they have conjured up two albums in less than as many years .

Both these records have seen Taylor teaming up with award winning producer / mixer Ed Buller (Suede, Pulp, White Lies ) and mastering engineer Pete Maher ( U2, Rolling Stones, Jack White).

Taylorville now have the small matter of unleashing two records into the atmosphere during the course of 2017.

Taylor has seen previous songwriting incarnations enjoy extensive airplay on national radio, having been championed by the likes of Johnny Walker and Bob Harris in the UK

A few years back, he was invited to contribute songs for a Nick Lowe tribute album, entitled ‘The Lowe Country‘, alongside Ron Sexsmith, Caitlin Rose , Robert Ellis and others.

How others have described the Taylorville Sound …

– ‘Incredibly playable tunes’
– ‘Chock full of melodic hooks attached to lyrical bombs’
– ‘Sparkling hunks of grown up pop’
– ‘Set to snag the most heightened of epicurean musical tastes’
– ‘Music for music lovers’